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Craftsman may refer to:

A profession[edit]

  • Artisan, a skilled manual worker who makes items that may be functional or strictly decorative
  • Master craftsman, an artisan who has achieved such a standard that he may establish his own workshop and take on apprentices
  • Tradesman, a worker specialising in an occupation that requires work experience, on-the-job training or vocational education, but not a degree and is not necessarily restricted to manual work
  • Craftsman, a military rank within the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, equivalent to a private

Arts, media, and entertainment[edit]

Brands and companies[edit]

  • Craftsman (tools), a brand of tools, lawn and garden equipment, and work wear formerly controlled by Sears Holdings, now owned by Black and Decker, Inc.
  • Craftsman Book Company, publisher of technical references for construction professionals
  • Craftsman furniture, the Arts and Crafts Movement style furniture of Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops


See also[edit]

  • Craft, the profession of a craftsman
  • Craft production, the manufacturing process
  • Craftsman Truck Series, the sponsor name of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series from 1996 through 2008
  • Demiurge, or rational craftsman, a philosophical concept for an artisan-like figure responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe
  • Handicraft, the product of a craftsman
  • Craftsmanship, the degree of quality exhibited by a handicraft (or a measure of how well-made or intricate the handicraft is)