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Come help with Wikipedia:WikiProject Fluid dynamics moink 23:19, 27 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Mathematics vs. Physics.[edit]

The vortex model to explain lift of an airfoil is a mathematical approach. It provides a means to abstract arbitrary airfoils' physical properties to a generalised mathematical model so that performance or other physical properties of any airfoil can directly be compared with any other one. The physical - or real - cause or explanation of lift is indeed the intuitive bernouilly approach. The spoon does not at all show the so-called coanda effect, but merely cohesion and adhesion effects between water molecules reciprocally and the surface of the spoon, together with surface tension effects. The coanda-effect's pseudo-scientific aura has even been amplified and confirmed by this WIKI entry, since it seems impossible for coanda-believers to unambigously demonstrate what it is about.

Revisions revisited[edit]

"Revisions" revisited

My name is: Marcel Kadosch. I am french, living in Paris. Please forgive my approximate english.

I am very surprised to see my name quoted by a wiki revision man named George, who seems to be angry after me about an article which I published in 1967 in a Fluidics Symposium. I tried to understand what was the matter, and I report hereby what I found.

I introduced myself in the article: Coanda effect, using my name as a wiki user name, in 6 March 2016 and 19 December 2016: see in View history. and the joined contribs. References 12 and 15 of the article are main publications in french of my work on Coanda effect.

To do this publication in Wikipedia, I opened an account under the name: Marcel Kadosch, and made a number of contributions introducing images, in order to illustrate my paper: all this has disappeared from Wikipedia, I don't know when and why.

In order to answer to George, I had to open a new account, and met some difficulty for finding a new user name until Wikipedia finally accepted: "Algesiras chez Takita" which means nothing. : I realized that I was quite famous under my real name but that I should forget it.

As indicated in Wikipedia, my contribution is the paragraph of the article named: "Conditions of existence" which has been thoroughly written by myself and summarizes my own work: in the year 1956, I made experiments in order to check a calculation of the Coanda effect made by L.C. Woods in 1954: he found an integral equation describing it as a purely inertial effect . Then I did not work on that subject (except the paper of 1967 which George does not like) during sixty years!! but I read many nonsense in papers about Coanda effect.

Meanwhile, several software, such as Matlab appeared able to solve numerically the integral equation, but I was unable to use them. Fortunately, my granddaughter Alix showed me that it was quite easy to solve by simply using EXCEL. The result was an astonishing similarity between the Woods prediction and my experimental results , both 60 years old, which I thought deserved to be published in Wikipedia.

I repeat here what I wrote about my work of 1967: " An alternative way would be to calculate the deflection angle at which the boundary layer subjected to the calculated inviscid pressure field separates. A rough calculation has been tried that gives the separation angle as a function of h/r and the Reynolds number:[13] The results are reported on the image, e.g., 54° calculated instead of 60° measured for h/r = 0.25: (not so bad..). More experiments and a more accurate boundary layer calculation would be desirable." Any student working with a wind tunnel can do the job.

In Research Gate, a number of people ask me: so what else? there is nothing else. Nobody answers to my claim, and wants to do the job: Coanda, who cares? just the name of an airport in Bucarest area. Of course I agree with George: my calculation assuming a laminar boundary layer along the circular wall has a poor value since the layer is turbulent. But it is up today the only one existing which gives an angle of the deviation of a jet along a circular wall subject to a positive pressure gradient before separation. I fear that it will never appear in Schlichting. M. KadoschAlgesiras chez Takita (talk) 14:26, 29 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Hello Marcel. I can see the text and the images you added in March and December 2016. It is still present in the article - see Coandă effect#Conditions of existence. You have written “all this has disappeared from Wikipedia” but I don’t understand why you have written that, because it hasn’t disappeared. Please clarify.
You have also written that someone named George does not like what you have written. I do not see any edit by a User named George. Can you tell us the name of the page that was edited by George, and the date on which he made the edit(s) that affected your contributions? That will help me and others understand what you have written here. Thank you. Dolphin (t) 12:41, 30 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

== Hello Dolphin. 1) Forgive again my poor english; 2) What has disappeared from wikipedia to day is : my previous user name in december 2016, and the "contribs", namely the original of the images in "Conditions of existence".Never mind. I had to introduce a new user name, but it is not logged in again, just because I don't know how to get that.

You ask me: where is George?? You will find him in ″View history″ my last happening under my new user name: "Algesiras chez Takita, not very old: Revision as of 14:27, 29 october 2018, Line 27 and so on: Revision by : George, 15 March 2018. Clearly, he did not know at this date what I have written in December 2018, in answer to a claim about what I wrote first in February 2018, first in french (see the ″Effet Coanda" article), then translated by "Google Translator" which nobody understood. If you need more information, just tell me what.Thanksfor your help.M Kadosch Algesiras chez Takita2A01:CB04:AA9:9C00:105D:E003:61C6:CE98 (talk) 12:52, 1 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]

==Please could you help me to log in correctly? When I repeat my true name which is my former user name, something from my previous user name is still repeated. Thanks for help.Algesiras chez Takita2A01:CB04:AA9:9C00:105D:E003:61C6:CE98 (talk) 12:52, 1 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Marcel: I have replied to you at User Talk:Marcel kadosch#Logging in. I hope you can use my instructions to log in, and we can then continue to communicate at Marcel kadosch’s Talk page. Dolphin (t) 12:25, 3 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]