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I'm Ewald and as a casual user I've been on Wikipedia for quite some time. For contributing to Wikipedia, I created this account back in 2003, but after some edits and creating a few new articles, I moved on. June 2008 I decided to create and edit some more articles, so I revived this old account. Nowadays I try to direct some of my weekly free time towards helping forth Wikipedia.

If you have any questions or comments concerning me or any of my Wikipedia contributions, feel free to use my talk page.

On Wikipedia[edit]

The free time I spend on Wikipedia is (as expected) mainly spent on my interests and related subjects. Some of my broader interests have manifested themselves into joining WikiProjects. My contributions consist of clearing up articles or sections in need of citation, wikifying articles, adding infoboxes and of course all other regular forms of editing and article creation.

I have completed the Meta:SUL procedure, so whenever you see the user Ewald on any site of the Wikimedia Foundation, you can be sure it is me.

Note: My contributions do of course not reflect a personal opinion or one of my current, previous or future employer. Additions to a Talk page are solely my personal contribution and/or opinion and do not reflect the opinion of my current, previous or future employer.


Since I don't really feel like putting down all my major and minor interests, I'll stick to the more broad, relevant ones.

Professional interests[edit]

I'm currently a law student, focusing on Dutch law and related international law. As I am far from an authority in this field, I will mostly be using instead of contributing when it comes to articles related to law.

Other interests[edit]

In my free time I have for many years been into computers, the internet and games. On Wikipedia you can most of the time find me in articles related to those broad subjects, which are usually more finely tuned in line with Wikipedia:WikiProject Free Software or Wikipedia:WikiProject Linux. Although you may just as well find me in articles such as Duke Nukem (character), Microsoft Windows or some hip new Playstation 3 game.

Other fields in which I'm active might be related to movies, television, music, firearms, martial arts or atheism, but as I said concerning computers and internet: you can just as well find me in an article I found in recent changes, some article I felt like updating with the latest facts found on a news site or some random article needing to be wikified.