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Zyzzy was our dog, a good dog, and she died a couple of years ago. She was named after a character on one of my favorite TV shows from the 1980's, Peewee's Playhouse. I am a 54-year old professor in Geosciences at the University of Texas at Dallas and I discovered Wikipedia in April 2005. My interests are in studying how Earth's crust and lithosphere forms and is destroyed, using examples from the Marianas in the Western Pacific, where crust is forming today above a subduction zone, and the Arabian-Nubian Shield in NE Africa and Arabia, where crust formed in Neoproterozoic time, 544-1000 million years ago. I am also very interested in teaching about the Earth, hence my contributions about subduction zones, collisions, Afar depression, trenches, geology of Africa, the Nile and the Amazon. My wife and I have three children, all grown. I also like to write about the town where I grew up Oroville, California and the city where I now live Dallas, Texas. Below is a picture of me taken around 1957 when my family lived in Sacramento, California. Prescient, eh?

Me around 1957

Articles I've started:

     Scientific drilling
     International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
     Toshka Lakes
     New Valley Project
     Arabian-Nubian Shield
     Afar Depression
     Continental collision
     Supercontinent Cycle
     Oceanic Basin

Articles I've edited:

     Subduction Zones
      Oceanic trenches
      Ruwenzori Range
      Dallas, Texas
      Oroville, California
      Snowball Earth Hypothesis