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Viola tricolor

Violales is a botanical name of an order of flowering plants and takes its name from the included family Violaceae; it was proposed by Lindley (1853).[1] The name has been used in several systems,[2] although some systems used the name Parietales for similar groupings.[3] In the 1981 version of the influential Cronquist system, order Violales was placed in subclass Dilleniidae with a circumscription consisting of the families listed below.[4] Some classifications such as that of Dahlgren placed the Violales in the superorder Violiflorae (also called Violanae).[5]

The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG) system does not recognize order Violales; Violaceae is placed in order Malpighiales and the other families are reassigned to various orders as indicated.[6]



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