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This was my personal survey of Wikipedia's user and contributor documentation in early 2003. This is of historical interest only.

Just a personal survey of our current documentation. Jump in if you like...

Entry points[edit]

  • Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers
    • Essentially the same text that Larry wrote a long time ago, but it's aged well. Needs a little more refactoring, esp. the links at the bottom.
  • Wikipedia:Help
    • Pretty good layout; not too overwhelming for a newcomer. Linked pages need updating.
  • Wikipedia:Utilities
    • Large and sprawling; difficult to navigate. Not really intended for beginners; should be turned into a complete documentation index, leave Help to be the more user friendly document.
  • Wikipedia:About
    • Pretty bad; just a shotgun blast of links from the front page. We need a short introduction and a few relevant links.
      • This is also much better now...

Need updating, editing or expansion[edit]

Obsolete and/or redundant[edit]

Many of these are historically interesting and should be archived

Phase II related[edit]

Nupedia stuff[edit]

The vaguelly current stuff has been put in Wikipedia:Nupedia and Wikipedia, the historical stuff has been moved to meta

Pages I think are particularly good[edit]

Documentation we need but lack[edit]

Wouldn't it be nice...[edit]